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Saturday, September 13, 2014

#StandupforOlivia - Un padre que lleva años sin ver a su hija iniciará mañana una protesta

...en la subida a Lluc

Sábado, 13 de Septiembre, 2014 Un padre reivindica la custodia de su hija en la subida a Lluc A las 2 y media de la madrugada del domingo, Alberto Encinas arrancará su marcha de Lluc a Peu desde Can Escarrinxo, en Pollença, vestido con una camiseta con la fotografía de su hija Olivia y el lema “desaparecida”. Un buen número de amigos y familiares le arroparán en los 17 kilómetros que separan Pollença del monasterio de Lluc. - ha vivido un auténtico calvario de trámites - la justicia española, en particular el juzgado número 2 de Inca, no parece dispuesto a hacer nada para que... more »

Friday, September 12, 2014

Make a difference and create a kinder and more peaceful world for ALL CHILDREN


Alicia has released a new song, “We Are Here,” from a place of deep compassion. The song is inspired by her desire to make a difference and create a kinder and more peaceful world for ALL CHILDREN. Alicia is using her voice to reinforce her vision of an empowered global community in which all people are heard, respected, equal, and treated with dignity. She’s rallying fans (you!) and challenging you to raise your voices for the causes you believe in— because real change begins with all of us.

Alicia says, “It’s not about me, it’s about WE.” This is OUR world. And #WeAreHere.

The song debuts exclusively on Alicia’s Facebook today. Read more about Alicia’s inspiration for “We Are Here” in the message below:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Constitutional Amendment No. 28 - Parental Rights

Parental Rights Amendment Hearing

The Parental Rights Amendment, HJRes. 50, is scheduled for a hearing in the Constitution Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 2:00. Constitutional lawyer and ParentalRights.org President Michael Farris will be an expert witness in favor of the Amendment at this hearing. A link to the video archive will be added here once it is available.
To see if your Congressman is a cosponsor yet, click here.

Parentalrights.org - Protecting Children by Empowering Parents

Sunday, September 7, 2014

"NO CHILDREN ALLOWED" A Florida Judge's Courtroom Sign


Rumpole at JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG - 5 hours ago
This is the sign hanging on a Judge's courtroom on the sixth floor. She's not the only judge with the sign on her door. It's illegal. It's wrong. Children are people too, unless you're Adrian Peterson, asshole football player for the Vikings. Florida law covers specific instances where a judge may close a courtroom. There are specialized notice requirements involving the media. Hanging a sign on a door is not the legal way to do it. Banning an entire class of individuals for no good reason will not withstand any legal challenge whatsoever. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF A... more »

Friday, September 5, 2014

November is a time to cast aside that hopelessness

In Florida government is designed-to-fail: for voters, November is a time to cast aside that hopelessness
 EYE ON MIAMI - Sometimes to see what is in front of your own nose you have to look up for a minute before retraining your focus down to the subjects at hand. She is writing for the attention of tens ... more »

First Lady Michelle Obama ...

Let's Join this Purple Keyboard campaign 4 Family Justice Reform!
Be part of this where YOU are! See More

Family Court Reform Advocates Challenge Judge Candidate Rick Cohen

Opinion | Davis, California Patch

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Purple Keyboard Campaign 4 Family Justice Reform! - Write ONE Letter

Here's a special request from ParentalRights.org's President Michael Farris

Feel free to share your story (briefly) here, but please be sure to email it to stories@parentalrights.org as well.
Thank you for your help!

On September 9, I will be testifying before the United States House of Representatives' Constitution Subcommittee. The hearing is on the Parental Rights Amendment.

If you have recent stories of how doctors or other medical providers have prevented YOU as parents from coming with your child for treatment or testing, etc. or other such interference in your parental rights please send your stories to stories@parentalrights.org

Please share this post so that I can get as many examples as possible. I want to give Congress an idea of how rapidly this problem is escalating.

Please share this post so that I can get as many examples as possible. I want to give Congress an idea of how rapidly this problem is escalating.

You must secure FACTS for your life... a fact is a truth... so let there be truth!! and light of course... and let that truth be that you have a court order from a judge or magistrate that defines your legal status as a parent based on your abilities and the best interests of yourself as a parent to this child and this child's interests respective of parental guidance.

Do not wait, do not ponder... do not will and wish and wash your own face with your tears. Simply gather the strength of your love for your child and the self respect and self love you have... Figure out the exact process to establish legal rights defined in a court order (starting with a piece of paper where you write down what you want from your relationship with your child WITHOUT the Mother being a part of your wants on this list...). Determine the process cost and starting point and start positioning yourself to engage the process.

Do not use the word 'fathers rights' in court. Use PARENTAL RIGHTS. Do not use HUMAN RIGHTS as a reference to a judge because the judge knows that is the end all and starting point of all rights and it can subconsciously come out as a condescending reference to a 'bigger idea'; instead use references such as: 'In regards to best interests of parenting' Approach 'parenting' as an idea that means so much more then Man Vs Woman (because it does...) and sell that... because most likely even some of the people reading this have deep seeds believing women are better or more natural parents then men. The reality is that you can brain wash children to grow up believing realities that simply divide and harm others.

Never should a law read Fathers, Mothers... It should simply read: Parents... a Parents rights account for the rights of a parent. the moment a gender is assigned, it is a gender discriminative marker granting access to violate your human rights.

You may not be able to get exactly what you want, or run through the streets waving the 'fathers rights' or HUMAN RIGHTS flag.... but you can learn how to speak to those who hold positions of authority and you can secure your rights as a parent.

If you have the strength and aptitude to stand up for yourself as a parent.

You MUST also write ONE letter to your local representatives and request that laws be reviewed to grant Equality to parents irregardless of gender and site local region or area examples of how gender bias prevents the best interest of a child from having two loving equal parents to raise that child.#StandUpForZoraya - www.facebook.com/StandupforZoraya - Children's Rightss

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Understanding and Responding to Toxic Stress in Family Court

Understanding and Responding to Toxic Stress: Mark Greenberg, Acting Assistant Secretary, ACF; Dr. Kathy Edin, Johns Hopkins University; Dr. David Pate, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee/Center for Family Policy and Practice; and Linda Mellgren, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services #goingthedistance @hmrf

A case for establishing complicated grief as a distinct mental disorder in DSM-V - SCIENCE DIRECT

Understand that having your kids taken from you is not something the courts should be doing lightly. We all know that, but how does one push the issue before a court headed by entrenched child trafficking corruption?

My opinion is that no one should be bothering with that. Instead, it seems clear to mine eyes that "child separation anxiety" and subsequent "grief" are together "distinct mental disorder" clearly qualifying individual sufferers as "disabled".

The right of access to LEGITIMATE court services is discussed in Tennessee v. Lane. ~ "Title II (of the ADA) is aimed at the enforcement of a variety of basic rights, including the right of access to the courts at issue in this case, that call for a standard of judicial review at least as searching, and in some cases more searching, than the standard that applies to sexbased classifications."

In my opinion, and what I am currently working on, is not something so intimidating (at its genesis) as a full lawsuit against court officials (which almost assuredly would be doomed under the current unlawful doctrines the federal courts maintain toward snuffing out such suits), but rather something so simple that everyone reading this -- with or without much legal knowledge -- can accomplish it simply.

If diagnosed with any type of child separation anxiety (be honest) by a psychologist (or psychiatrist I guess, but I'd go with the psychologist on this one), then arguably such an evaluation would demonstrate "qualification" as a disabled person under the ADA. Legitimately based on excessive removal of one's own children.

A request for disability accommodation asking for the correction of this disability-causing problem would surpass reasonable into necessary. "Court, you are disabling me by the severity of your removal of my children. Here's the medical evidence. Here's my request that you fix your proceedings/process and stop hurting our child/ren."
   Children's Rights #standupforZoraya

Strengthening Employment Pathways and Economic Stability for Low-Income Individuals and Families with Bill Browning, The Aspen Institute; Timothy Clark, Urban Ventures; Margaret Simms, Urban Institute; and Gregory Acs, Urban Institute at the Healthy Marriage, Responsible Fatherhood, and Tribal TANF--Child Welfare Grantees Annual Meeting

Custodia, un tema delicado

Viernes, 29 de Agosto, 2014 Si algo de lo mucho que ocurre en la política que nos rodea me ha causado malestar últimamente, sin lugar a dudas debe ser el asunto de la custodia compartida y la alienación parental. En varias ocasiones me ha tocado ver, con dolor, que miembros de mi familia pasan por esa situación, en la que su padre o su madre los envenenan contra el otro, de manera totalmente egoísta. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Conduct a Family Estrangement (and Why They're Awful) | Psychology Today

Exploring the pervasive, and unperceived, patterns that govern our lives
by Seth Meyers and Katie Gilbert - Insight Is 20/20

Family estrangement is among the most counter-intuitive human behaviors.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Parents ‘giving up’ on the family courts?

Reblog  Parents ‘giving up’ on the family courts - Marilyn Stowe Blog

Excerpt -  "new statistics showing that the number of private family cases involving children dropped by a substantial 36 per cent in the 12 months to July. Examples of such cases include divorce, residence and contact hearings."
Leonard Henderson at AFR News - 2 hours ago
[image: ParentalRights.org logo] *Sign the Petition* *Donate* *Volunteer* *Learn More* *View Online* *Aug. 26, 2014* *Members Fuel Fight to Save Parental Rights* They’re after our kids – the judges, the bureaucrats, the internationalists, the big government elites – and they seem to think they can make better decisions for our children than we can. And they know – they *know* – that if they can shape the hearts and minds of this next generation, there will soon be no one left to resist them at all. *The only thing stopping them is you. *Your constitutional right to direct the up... more »

Thursday, August 7, 2014

JUSTICE IS COMING - Florida Family Court Judges Report

This tab contains blog posts submitted by network members. When writing a blog...
  • JUSTICE IS COMING! Magazine - World4Justice (Lobby Forum) Justice4Children NOW!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Florida Say NO!

Mario A Jimenez Jerez'sOpen Letter to prospective Florida Governor:

Dear Mr. Wyllie,

I am a Christian father of 4 children who is tire of the politics and corruption of these politicians, and even more with the judicial corruption in Family courts. We need a Governor that will stand for the people against these cronies.

I just learnt about you from a facebook contact, Glen Gibellina, who has also been a victim of PAS and the corruption of the family court system.

I would like to see the possibility of your support for a petition to protect the religious freedoms of Floridians. As unbelievable as it may seem, a corrupt judge removed my kids solely based on the fact that I prayed with them The armor of God of Ephesians 6, claiming that it mentioned the word devil, and that this somehow constituted some form of psychological abuse of my children. Bear in mind that I am a Sunday school teacher, and I pray this innocent prayer with kids all the time, that my kids were excelling in school at the time, that I had been investigated by DCF finding that the allegations were false, but I brought the final DCF report to Judge Pedro Echarte, perhaps one of the must corrupt judges currently sitting on the bench, and he refused to even read the report alleging that it had been done one day prior to him giving the order to do so, He then ordered me to do another evaluation with a psychologist friends with my ex’s attorneys, whom was also involved in the death of Nubia Barahona, and she basically gave the opinion that has prevented me to freely see my children since.

A year after our forced separation, my son developed PTSD, and major depression requiring medication for it with the subsequent effect of involuntary movements of his neck and shoulders. Please, see petition, and details of this outrageous judicial behavior here:www.SayNoToPAS.com.
It’s a true outrage what this people are doing, and we must unite to put a stop to it. I know that the polls still have you down, for double digits, but with God nothing is impossible.
If you can support and disseminate my petition, you can count with my solid support for your campaign for Governor here in Miami, FL. Perhaps, this can be the only way Floridians can get the protection from corruption that has plagued us for so long. God bless you and your family.
Thank you,
Mario Jimenez, M.D.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Protecting the Child’s Rights to BOTH Parents

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A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.

A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

The time is always right to do what is right.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

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“Changing a child last name (away from the father’s) is an act of venom”

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Boycott Family Law : Restore Children's Rights Worldwide

Boycott Family Law : Restore Children's Rights Worldwide
If we starve the fuel ( Money) from this industry we stand a better chance to see JUSTICE!

"No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent."