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Monday, August 18, 2014

Parents ‘giving up’ on the family courts - Marilyn Stowe Blog

Reblog  Parents ‘giving up’ on the family courts - Marilyn Stowe Blog

family law

Excerpt -  "new statistics showing that the number of private family cases involving children dropped by a substantial 36 per cent in the 12 months to July. Examples of such cases include divorce, residence and contact hearings."

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Misconduct by Florida Judges

Monday, July 28, 2014

Say NO! To Parental Alienation in Florida

Open Letter to prospective Florida Governor:

Dear Mr. Wyllie,

I am a Christian father of 4 children who is tire of the politics and corruption of these politicians, and even more with the judicial corruption in Family courts. We need a Governor that will stand for the people against these cronies.

I just learnt about you from a facebook contact, Glen Gibellina, who has also been a victim of PAS and the corruption of the family court system.

I would like to see the possibility of your support for a petition to protect the religious freedoms of Floridians. As unbelievable as it may seem, a corrupt judge removed my kids solely based on the fact that I prayed with them The armor of God of Ephesians 6, claiming that it mentioned the word devil, and that this somehow constituted some form of psychological abuse of my children. Bear in mind that I am a Sunday school teacher, and I pray this innocent prayer with kids all the time, that my kids were excelling in school at the time, that I had been investigated by DCF finding that the allegations were false, but I brought the final DCF report to Judge Pedro Echarte, perhaps one of the must corrupt judges currently sitting on the bench, and he refused to even read the report alleging that it had been done one day prior to him giving the order to do so, He then ordered me to do another evaluation with a psychologist friends with my ex’s attorneys, whom was also involved in the death of Nubia Barahona, and she basically gave the opinion that has prevented me to freely see my children since.

A year after our forced separation, my son developed PTSD, and major depression requiring medication for it with the subsequent effect of involuntary movements of his neck and shoulders. Please, see petition, and details of this outrageous judicial behavior
It’s a true outrage what this people are doing, and we must unite to put a stop to it. I know that the polls still have you down, for double digits, but with God nothing is impossible.
If you can support and disseminate my petition, you can count with my solid support for your campaign for Governor here in Miami, FL. Perhaps, this can be the only way Floridians can get the protection from corruption that has plagued us for so long. God bless you and your family.
Thank you,
Mario Jimenez, M.D.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Project Child Support

Breaking News: A Flaw in the Child Support System Destroys the Credit of Noncustodial Parents is Identified in this Release!
Project Child Support Launches A New Service To Fix A Huge Flaw In The Child Support System That Destroys Noncustodial Parents’ Credit.
The Project Child Support Amnesty Program with Credit Restoration Services by Kredit Koncepts Can Provide A Solution for Millions of Noncustodial Parents
...See More

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

False Allegations of Domestic Violence Awareness

Family Courts are injuring "fit" parents by allowing false allegations of domestic violence strip a father's right to access his child. There are several well documented "Family Court CAUSED" Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cases logged with the Florida Department of Health. To make matters worse the children are hurting because of the lies. False allegations of domestic violence IS domestic violence. AND Parental Alienation is CHILD ABUSE!!! These lies are formulated by attorneys, recommendations to the clients to file FALSE POLICE REPORTS (Information Only Reports). Parents are unjustly denied access because of the PTSD injury the "Family Court CAUSED"; believing accusations without REAL evidence, not an "Information Only Police Report". Ironic? YES and ILLEGAL!! (USC Title 18 Section 242) Furthermore it's DISCRIMINATION by a Family Court Judge who has "Absolute Judicial Discretion" in an EMPTY COURTROOM!!! So lets say you walk into family court to do the right thing, as a petitioner, asking for contact, responsibility, "to pay" child support; then the Judge hits you with her mallet and cripples dad. Then, dad enters limping back into Family Court, the Judge says "you cannot see your child because you're crippled". Then the Judge removes herself from the case when dad (petitioner) tells the Florida Bar AND the Judge about the ILLEGAL POLICE REPORT AND PERJURY BY MOM. The requirement and Standard for Preponderance of Evidence to separate a child from a parent IGNORED!!! 08-29595
Have you been falsely accused or wrongly prosecuted for domestic violence?  False allegations and wrongful prosecutions harm the innocent, squander resources, and shortchange true victims.
1. Connect: Facebook
  • Before the Accusation
  • If a Restraining Order is Served on You
  • Defending the Allegation
  • Immigration
  • Working for Change
4. False Allegations Awareness Month:
5. Join the Domestic Violence Legislative Project (DVLP) to work for change at the state level.

 Información Sobre la Violencia Doméstica

Información General:
Para Personas Abusadas:
Para Investigadores:

Se puede traducir cualquier documento aquí
SAVE maintains an on-going, high-profile media campaign featuring radio interviews, editorial columns, press releases, and social media efforts. Please support SAVE’s continuing efforts to stop false allegations and wrongful prosecutions! Make a donation now:

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

On Sunday, dads across the country will get the recognition they so deserve. But online, there's never a reason to wait.

I love this film about what it means to be a dad. Brought to you by Dove Men+Care – they nail it when it comes to defining what fatherhood feels like. Enjoy it. Then go tell a dad you love him.
C.C. Chapman at C.C. Chapman

We need more brands to step up and show real dads in their commercials.

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Father’s Day Questionnaire Results 2014

Each year, I ask my children to complete a Father’s Day questionnaire. In addition to answering questions about me, they have to draw a picture of me. I love reading their responses and seeing the drawings. It’s interesting to see how their perceptions of me change each year (click here to read last year’s post). X, 6 year-old son […] The post Father’s Day Questionnaire Results 2014 appeared first on Mocha Dad

Bronx Mama, Zerega Indoor Courts Help Us Celebrate Father's Day

Thanks to Bronx Mama and Zerega Indoor Handball Courts for welcoming NYC Dads Group to the Bronx Awesome Father’s Day event on Sunday to enjoy a day of family, fun, games and handball while celebrating the importance of paternal bonds. Zerega Indoor Hardball Courts has been a hidden gem in the Castle Hill section for the past several decades. The facility has five courts where visitors can participate in handball, racquetball and paddle ball. Bronx Mama is a lifestyle site for Bronx families featuring events, fashion, music, food and more. Bronx Mama also hosts several events t... more »
Your Antidote To Father's Day

If you’re sick of all the congratulatory Father’s Day posts that flooded the web all week, here’s your antidote: I was a drop-dead shitty dad yesterday. The morning started with me and Boone getting into an argument during which I totally lost my cool in a way I never have before. I said a couple of things I regret and, if I were in his position, I’d take my hero off the pedestal on which I’d placed him. And the day ended with me telling Wyatt, though he thought he’d achieved a personal goal, he hadn’t. It was kinda like telling him all his hard work was for nothing. I didn’t sug... more »

The Truth About Media at #DadChat and #MediaChat – a Double-Header!

[image: Starbucks Coffee] This week both #DadChat and #MediaChat are double-teaming to provide TWO HOURS of non-stop chat about the effect of Media on ALL of us. Where once we had newspapers, radio, and just three networks, we now are constantly assaulted by endless forms of media. Join us Thursday June 19 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 11:00 p.m. ET as …

When families dissolve, grandparents often squeezed out

When families dissolve, grandparents often squeezed out Wallie Goolsby took photographs of the round bruises — more than 12 perfectly shaped marks on her grandchild’s right leg alone — but they weren’t enough to have the young child removed from home.
Justina Pelletier spends Father’s Day with family 

Justina Pelletier spends Father’s Day with family A Connecticut teenager at the center of a 16-month custody battle involving the Massachusetts child protection agency was allowed to spend Father’s Day at home without any state supervision, a sign that her parents may be on the brink of getting full custody of her.

American Minute with Bill Federer FATHERS' DAY - 'Children...desperately need security... It has been a duty...of fatherhood to offer it.'-Reagan
Leonard Henderson at AFR News

Having trouble viewing this email? American Minute with Bill Federer *FATHERS' DAY - 'Children...desperately need security... It has been a duty...of fatherhood to offer it.'-Reagan* *T*he first formal *"Father's Day"* was celebrated JUNE 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd heard a church sermon on the newly established Mother's Day and wanted to honor her *father*, Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, who had raised six children by himself after his wife died in childbirth. Sonora Louise Smart Do... more »

 Chicago Tribune: If Fatherhood Came With a Redo Button
jimhigley at Bobblehead Dad

I’m proud to be a contributor to the Chicago Tribune. This story is part of their Father’s Day 2014 section: ****** I was in the home stretch of a talk about parenting. It’s a talk I’ve given many times. This time I was in front of a group of parents in a Buffalo Grove middle school gym. I invited them to join in the conversation. The first few questions focused on specific problems: A daughter who stopped communicating. Read the Rest... 
The Best 60-Second Fatherhood Film You’re Gonna See

The Power of Dad: Lessons Learned
Ron Mattocks at Clark Kent's Lunchbox  

My father as a Green Beret in VietnamMy father is, hands down, the toughest, hardest working man I have ever met. A lot of people say this about their fathers, and I don’t doubt them, but how many can say they watched their father calmly hobble into the house to take a shower and then drive to the ER after accidentally sticking an ax blade into his shin? What truly amazed me about that memory, though, was waking to the sound of the crunching gravel from our driveway as my father left for work the following morning. At the time he was the company president, and everyone would’ve cert... more »  

“Un papá no es una mamá” de Sergio Sinay

Domingo, 15 de Junio, 2014- “Ser padre es cosa de hombres” de Sergio Sinay 19 marzo 2009“No se trata de papá o mamá, sino de *papá Y mamá* ofreciendo dos accesos distintos e integrados a la vida en la sociedad y al vínculo con los demás”Sergio Sinay En el siguiente artículo de Sergio Sinay se habla de las *diferencias entre un papá y una mamá*. Hombres y mujeres biológicamente están igual de predispuestos para la crianza de los hijos, exceptuando por supuesto la lactancia materna. Que la predisposición en crianza sea igual en papás y mamás no significa que seamos exactamente iguale... more »
“Ser padres es cosa de hombres”, Por Sergio Sinay viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA

Domingo, 15 de Junio, 2014- Para leer el libro en este enlace El papel del padre en nuestra sociedad ha sido muy desvalorizado. *Ser padre es cosa de hombres. * Y es cosa de hombres reconstruir la paternidad aquí y ahora. Sergio Sinay Este libro clásico de Sergio Sinay, sociólogo, terapeuta y experto en psicología masculina, propone de Hombre a Hombre una *mirada lúcida, serena, inteligente y emotiva sobre la paternidad*. Una excelente oportunidad para que el varón pueda conectarse con su masculinidad profunda y verdadera, sin prejuicios limitantes. El padre es algo más que proveedor... more »

The Next Daddy Brain Workshop @ Meriter Hospital is June 22nd
babbo at Daddy Brain

The Daddy Brain Workshop @ Meriter Sunday, June 22, 2014 WHERE Meriter Hospital 2650 Novation Parkway Madison, WI 53713 WHEN 1–2:30pm TOPICS INCLUDE - Dad’s emotional life – Transition into fatherhood – Co-parenting – Positive and negative forms of discipline – Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner – Intimacy issues – Coping with exhaustion […] 
Tune into NBC TV Channel 15 (WMTV) tonight at 6pm for a special segment on dads featuring Daddy Brain! We’ll be talking about some of the challenges dads face when learning to engage with their children (pre & post birth). We’ll also touch upon the Daddy Brain Workshop @ Meriter Hospital (Dads’ Day). Here’s the […] Spending More Time with Our Kids babbo at Daddy Brain
My boys Max & Joss are 10, and almost 8, respectively. They’re awesome boys and I love spending time with them. With so many things on my to-do list (including three jobs), it’s often a challenge to cast all of it aside and simply be with my kids — while they’re still super psyched to 

A Campaign For The Bloggerfather
greg at Daddy Types

Longtime dadblogger Oren Miller of Bloggerfather was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. A group of his friends, fans, and readers have already raised nearly $10,000 to help with medical and family expenses. You can join your support and... more »

Celebrating Father's Day as a Divorced Dad

[image: image father's day] By Katie Davis Father's Day in post-divorce years can be tough, particularly if the divorce happened fairly recently. While divorced dads may worry about what this day will hold after divorce, how they can best celebrate with their kids or whether an ex might try to upset plans, it's important for these men to focus not so much on their losses but rather on what the future of fatherhood with their children may hold. In other words, the focus is on fatherhood. In that sense, Father's Day 2014 can be a great opportunity for divorced dads to re-think ho... more »

The Calling Pinot Noir for Father's Day
Don at Danz Family

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Dad Central Consulting for The Calling Wines. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.* I was asked to review The Calling Pinot Noir from the Dutton Ranch vineyard in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma, California. The Calling is a joint venture between Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits CEO Peter Deutsch and legendary sports commentator Jim Nantz. Both men credit being inspired by their fathers which makes a selection from The Calling particularly appropriate for Father's Day. [image: 152-the-calling... more »

Fathers Day Poem: Every Day Is Fathers Day

Fathers Day Poem: Every day is Fathers Day when you are here to hold. Once you were a baby, now you're nine years old.
Fathers Day - Victorious Wings

A daughter remembers girlhood days of chasing butterflies with a net made by her Dad.

Make Every Day Like Father’s Day

Dad, you know it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. And for this week’s blog, I was thinking: What profound thought can... Read More »
Live Out the Spirit of Fatherhood

This week, I was honored to receive an award at the 16th Annual International Fatherhood Conference—the Spirit of Fatherhood Leadership... Read More »

The Stark Reality of My Father’s Day
Dave Taylor at GoFatherhood®

Ah Father’s Day. A day that should be fun, easy, light and enjoyable, with kids showering Dad with love and tokens of their affection. I see it on Facebook and on TV, so it must be true, right? I mean, I love my kids and I know that they love me too, so we’re good to go in that department. Except for that pesky thing called reality. This year my two younger ones are in...Read More

A Special Tribute To Father's Today

*Happy Father's Day to ALL Father's today.* Happy Father's Day to ALL Father's today. Without you, where would we be? There wouldn't be any children would there? Many of you are so blessed to have your children with you today, while many of you aren't so lucky. To those Father's and Grandfather's who are denied the presence of your children, I feel your pain and sadness. You are still the Father's and Grandfather's of many children out there who also suffer, yearning to be with you on this very special day, as well as year round. Children stolen from you, either by the State and/o... more »

5 Minutes in a Dad’s Head


Father’s Daze: 13 Dads Reveal Their Struggle
Charlie at

[image: dad-balance-work-life]As I’ve written about before, there is something happening in the lives of fathers and their careers today. While we define ourselves differently than we did 50 years ago, dads of all sorts are finding themselves in this position across the country, and beyond, of redefining who we are with a simple but profound question:

This Father Really Loves His Daughter

*Meet Ross.* Ross is an acclaimed photographer, a devoted husband and the proud father of a bouncing baby girl. Ross was gracious enough to take a few moments to share his thoughts on fatherhood with me and is the inaugural subject of my new docu-series called *Fatherhood In Black: Because We Do Exist.* The mission of this message is to promote the reality that men of color, particularly African American men, are dedicated, involved and loving parents despite what much of mainstream media promotes and in contrast to what many believe. Tweet: This Father Really Loves His Daughter... more »

Why I Am Proud To Be My Father’s Daughter And How I Almost Lost My Life As A Result
Edie Weinstein at The Good Men Project

An unexpected 'cardiac event' brought with it a major wake up call for Edie Weinstein, that her inherited workaholic tendencies could have ended this incarnation. The post Why I Am Proud To Be My Father’s Daughter And How I Almost Lost My Life As A Result appeared first on The Good Men Project.

The #PowerofDad is a Lasting Legacy

When I talk about the #PowerofDad, I'm talking about the impact dads truly have on kids. Despite grounding me and harping on me at every turn for my entire life, my dad is and will continue to be one of my best friends. My mentor. My guide through uncertainty. He's the first one I want to call with good news and he's the one whose advice I seek when things go awry. The post The #PowerofDad is a Lasting Legacy appeared first on The Daddy Files.

Happy Father’s Day, Raul
Lucy at Papa Heroes

Papá, Pop, Daddy, Dad, Papi, Daddy Pig, and Raul are all the names Daniela uses when she talks to her Papá. One of the first times we heard her call to her Papá was not saying the typical “Da” or “Pa”, it was “Rau.” At first we thought she was acting like a cat but

A Tribute to Step Fathers
Frederick J. Goodall at Mocha Dad

When I was in my late teens, my mother remarried. After many years without a dad, I suddenly had a father in my life. He helped to raise and mentor me, and I appreciate the things he taught me (he... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more!

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Boycott Family Law : Restore Children's Rights Worldwide
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